Quality Management Systems

In modern business practice there is a need to harmonise enterprises and organisations based on International Standards – Management Systems, which certify to customers and stakeholders the ability to provide products and services fully complying with product manufacturing and distribution requirements. Moreover, businesses are required to act according to national legislation and European Union directives.

In order to be really efficient and effective, businesses should manage “the way in which they perform their activities” through a System. This ensures that nothing important is omitted and that it is clear who does what, when, how, why, and where.

Our company is involved in planning and implementing the following systems:


The comparative advantages of our company are based on:

A: The experience of our staff in projects of business strategic planning and process redesign, allows us to design and implement the above Management Systems in a simple and effective way, so as to turn them into actual “tools“ available to all the personnel of your company. At the same time, you may upgrade the quality of your personnel thanks to the appropriate and integrated training we are in a position to offer.

B: The methodology applied includes the design and installation of a Paperless ISO System, where the implementation of your firm’s processes is followed up, measured, checked and evaluated electronically, ensuring expeditious access to information, and relieving your firm from the need to keep a huge volume of documents.

C: The continuous updating and training of our executives – consultants on the latest developments in standards, guidelines, good practices and management systems.

The team of our executives – consultants is at your disposal, for any additional information related to your interest in designing and implementing Management Systems in your company, based on the above standards. Furthermore, the same team can provide you with information related to the certification of materials and constructor systems, as well as on other standards or guidelines that may be applied in your business activities.