When you do not know where you are and where you want to go, wherever you might find yourself would seem good!..." (Old Chinese saying)

A. Business Planning

Business Planning is defined as the determination of long-term objectives - with a time horizon of at least three rolling years - the planning of related plans for target implementation, the follow-up, review and the continuous readjustment of these plans.

The first and most important benefit of the strategic planning process is that it leads the way to achievement of the predetermined objectives. Other benefits derived from the formation of a strategic plan is that it paints a clearer picture of the operation of the company thus facilitating the identification of competitive conditions, promotion opportunities and advantages for the company.

The proper strategic plan (Business Plan) is a clear, succinct and comprehensive document expressing the prospects and the development potential of the company.

AQS Ltd has significant experience in Business – Strategic Planning and Business Process Reengineering Projects. AQS is the first Consulting Company to introduce, in the Greek Market, the most contemporary tool for measuring the performance of a Business Plan: the BALANCED SCORECARD.

The BALANCED SCORECARD System allows us:

a) to create Business Plans with thoroughness and balance (cause and effect relation) and

b) to systematically follow up the implementation course of the Business Plan. In other words, it shows us how the result of a month, or even a week’s, work relates to the company’s objectives that we have defined for the next 3 – 5 years from a given date. The System covers the following sectors:

  • Financial Sector (revenues, profitability, cost reduction, development, etc),

  • Customer Sector (service, percentage of new customers, etc.),

  • Processes (processing time, cost, quality, etc),

  • Personnel - Structure (development of skills, motivation, infrastructure, etc.).

The process of the Business – Strategic Planning is schematically presented in the following diagram: