Sales Development

The objective of commercial sector organization and sales network development services is to plan and develop Sales Networks, and improve the quality of operation of the existing products and services networks, in order to achieve:

  •  Sales Increase

  •  Market share Increase

  •  Profitability improvement

  •  The company acquires relevant know-how, allowing it to operate in a modern and efficient way in the commercial sector.


a. Assessing Current Situation

 Proper planning takes into consideration:

  •  Customers

  •  The products and services provided

  •  The competition and the market situation

  •  The quality of human resources including the quality of sales network management

  •  The quality, quantity and frequency of information flow throughout the sales network

Through specially designed checklists, we provide reliable representation of the current situation and evaluate the problems identified.

b. Action Planning

After the assessment, actions are planned aiming for:

  •  Improved sales organisation (Process improvement)

  •  More dynamic Product and Service mix

  •  Improved quality of Sales Networks (quality improvement of Management, Human Resources and Procedures)

  •  Network development: New sales points, exploitation of new areas.


a. Approach on Human Resource Development:

The assessment of Human Resource quality and Management quality, together with the improvement actions (education - employment – personnel changes), are the most critical aspects of the Project entitled: " Commercial Sector Organisation - Sales Network Development ".

b. Use of Tools:

The simple, yet efficient, software that our company has developed, constitutes a precious tool for salesmen and sales managers, as it allows them to:

  •  Make sound decisions

  •  Check the results of their decisions

  •  Allocate their time in activities of value

 In more detail, this software includes:

  •  Work Flow Control System for order flow control.

  •  Monitoring System of salesmen and customers objectives per product - product group

  •  Systems of Salesmen Time Allocation to customers (planning - assessment)

  •  Integrated Indicator Systems to monitor product profitability, human resource efficiency, customer satisfaction, sales of products - services and financial results.

The set of procedures and software that support the Project are easily adapted to fit the needs of any company.