Business Process Reengineering

Reengineering is typically defined as “fundamental review and radical redesign of the business processes (operations), aiming at achieving spectacular improvements always combined to critical performance criteria, such as: cost, quality of services rendered and speed”.

Our company offers integrated consulting services in :


Reforming(reengineering) and

Assessing application of processes in business and organizations

The objectives are :

  • Process Stabilization

  • Continuous Improvement of the Quality of Services

  • Increased Productivity

  • Decrease of Operating Cost

  • Maximum Customer Satisfaction possible

During the implementation of projects, we encourage coverage of all business processes including the sectors of Strategy, Human Resources, Sales and all other critical areas in a System, under the umbrella of the new ISO 9001:2008 standard.

A predominant criterion in the review, examination of completeness and control of process effectiveness is the approach of operation on the basis of the Process itself and not on a System or Department basis. This approach includes all the parameters in the following figure.


Consultancy in this sector involves defining the required indicators that provide a periodic picture of the performance of companies.

A prerequisite for performance indicator monitoring is the development of Organisation Processes that cover all activities from the entrance gate to the delivery of products / services to customers and after sales services, including procedures for measuring and processing the above indicators, and an auditing mechanism for the said procedures.

The system so developed includes statistical processing of data collected, so that graphs may elucidate:

Trends (improvement or deterioration)


Process Consistency

Targets and variance limits are set for all indicators.

The Company and Organisation Reengineering methodology developed by our company is concisely depicted in the figure that follows.