The purpose of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is to ensure:

  • Compliance of Businesses with Applicable Legislation
  • Minimisation of any Negative Effects on the Environment, due to Business Operation.
  • Continuous Improvement of the Techniques used
  • Reduction of Energy Consumption
  • Reduction of Physical Resources Consumption 

The Benefits derived from the adoption of an Environmental Management System are divided into two categories:

(a) Benefits that the enterprise itself enjoys, for example:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Sales Increase – Acquisition of Competitive Advantage
  • Upgrading – Motivation of Human Resources
  • Improvement of Business Organisation and Operation
  • Energy Saving
  • Natural Resources Saving 

(b) Benefits enjoyed by society and the environment.

The aim of our company is to design a simple and effective system, perfectly adjusted to the needs of any company, which will become an efficient “tool” for improvement. For this purpose we have developed a specific methodology for designing and implementing Environmental Management Systems.

This methodology is described in the diagram that follows:



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