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AQS Cyprus Ltd. Business Consultants is based in Limassol, Cyprus and is a subsidiary of AQS. During 30 years of presence in the Market, AQS has implemented a large number – over 4.000 – of important consulting projects in Greek and International Companies and has trained over 60.000 Executives. Indicative clientele.

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Eugeniou Voulgareos 93A, Kato Polemidia

PC 4153, Limassol


Tel: +00357 25 123 862, +00357 25 871681

e-mail: info@aqs.cy


Subsidized Programs of the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) in Cyprus

Sponsored Multi-Business Seminars In Cyprus

  • HRDA programs are eligible to be attended by individuals from private companies, semi-governmental organizations and Municipal / Community Authorities as well as the unemployed
  • In order to be eligible to attend one of the HRDA subsidized programs, one must be paid social security by one’s employer
  • The HRDA grant rate is 80% regardless of size, for all Companies and Organizations
  • An employer can send as many employees as it wishes to the subsidized Programs of HRDA
  • An employee can attend what he wants from the subsidized Programs of HRDA
  • Non-beneficiaries of the HRDA subsidy are government employees or self-employed

Seminars with Grant from the Human Resources Development Authority that we offer for the First Half of 2022 can be seen in the following Table (click on each seminar for more information:


Sponsored Seminars
Category Title Duration
HRM HRM Best Practices (Αξιολόγηση & Παρακίνηση Προσωπικού) 7 Ώρες
Coaching with Experiential Exercises 7 Ώρες
Financial Εσωτερικός Έλεγχος – Management Reporting 14 Ώρες
Management Εκπαίδευση Executive Secretary 14 Ώρες
Daily Organization – Time Management 8 Ώρες
Paperless Office 8 Ώρες
Excel for high Quality Business Operations 7 Ώρες
Marketing – Sales Sales Organization – Audit – Tools – Best Practices 8 Ώρες
GDPR / IT / Security  IT Security 7 Ώρες


100% Sponsored Mono-Business Seminars in Cyprus

We also offer our seminars as sole-business, in which we fully adapt the subject to the needs of the company. For a number of participants greater than 10 executives the seminar becomes fully (100%) sponsored.


Procedure for Implementing Single-Business Seminars:

  1. We support your company in the relevant application to ANAD.
  2. We prepare the proposal together with the relevant forms and submit them to the HRDA at least 21 days before the implementation of the Seminar.
  3. Prior to the implementation of the Program, ANAD will send you the approval of the Seminar together with the amount of the grant.
  4. Our Company will issue the relevant document.
  5. Then we submit the forms for payment of a grant from the HRDA.
  6. In about 3 to 4 months the grant is paid by the HRDA directly to the bank account of your Company.


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