The Management of Occupational Health and Safety Standards (OHSAS) is part of the global Management System that promotes the management of Occupational Health and Safety risks associated with the activities of the Organisation.

Employers are required to see to the protection of the health and safety of employees by using the services of the Occupational Safety Technicians and Occupational Medicine Doctors, as set out in the legislation applicable in each case, i.e. in Law 1568/85 and Presidential Decree 17/96. In a competitive business environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems gain increasing weight in the business world, in the sense of Integrated Systems and with rapidly growing popularity.

The benefits of the application and certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems are summarised as follows:


  • Harmonisation with the current legal framework and the regulatory clauses,
  • Commitment to continuous improvement,
  • Provision of protection and prevention services contributing to the decrease and ultimate elimination of labour accidents and occupational diseases,
  • Identification and minimisation of occupational hazards associated with the way in which the business operates,
  • Improvement of working conditions and increase of employee productivity leading to increased business productivity and viability,
  • Creation of a safe working environment for employees, associates and visitors,
  • Cost reduction, seeing as it is an investment,
  • Improved corporate image,
  • Use of the certificate as a tool for compliance with legal, and regulatory clauses, as well as standards and specifications in employee health and safety related issues
  • Ability to face emergency situations (i.e. large-scale industrial accidents)
  • Use of the certificate as a marketing tool


The basic steps for designing and implementing of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System are:

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