Sales and Marketing Support

"Produce what you can sell, instead of trying to sell what you can produce!..."   In order to be successful, a company’s strategic Marketing process, as set out in its long-term Business Plan, must be supported by an appropriate Marketing Plan.   An effective Marketing Plan helps businesses set objectives and develop a series of activities – Marketing Processes – that will allow them to achieve these objectives.   The Advantages of a Marketing Plan are:  
  • Identification of the needs and wants of consumers
  • Increased demand for products and services
  • Design of new products that fully satisfy consumers' needs
  • Identification of competitors and exploitation of the firm’s competitive advantage
  • Identification of new and/or potential consumers
  • Testing to see if strategies applied produce the desired results
  The development of an effective Marketing Plan should be based on a full analysis of the internal and external business environment. Its aim should be to improve the competitive position of the company’s products/services, securing, at the same time, the required profitability. At the phase of initial development, a Marketing Plan needs to be simple and comprehensive; it is these two characteristics that will make it feasible and accepted.   During implementation, it must be monitored, by means of periodic measurements, and continuously adapted accordingly to both the realities of the market and the results of measurements.   AQS has long experience in the support of Marketing strategies and the development of effective Marketing Plans, applying the latest modern methodology and assisted by the development of sound Marketing Processes.   The methodology we propose for the development of a Marketing Plan is described in the diagram below. To monitor the implementation of the Marketing Plan, we employ specific indicators (e.g., cost of investment in Marketing per sales unit) that contribute towards continuous corrective action.