The Quality Management Systems (QMS) engage in the «Quality Management», and their purpose is to:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction,
  • Ensure continuous Improvement of Processes through Measurable Targets.

The Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 can be applied to businesses of all types and sizes (production of products, provision of services, public services). According to International Surveys, the adoption of a Quality Management System (QMS) offers the following benefits:

-Increased Customer Satisfaction
-Increased Productivity
-Ιncreased Satisfaction of Employees
-Reduced Processing
-Improved Management Information
-Reduction of Defects
-Increase of Production

-Risk Management

The methodology our company applies, in the design and implementation of Quality Management Systems is described in the following diagram:

The aim of our company is to design a simple and effective system, fully compatible with the needs of your company, which will constitute an efficient “tool” for improvement.


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