Subsidized Programs from the Human Resources Development Authority that we offer for the Second Half of 2021 can be seen in the following Table:


Subsidized Programs
Category Title Duration
HRM HRM Best Practices (Αξιολόγηση & Παρακίνηση Προσωπικού) 14 Ώρες
Coaching with Experiential Exercises 8 Ώρες
Financial Εσωτερικός Έλεγχος - Management Reporting 14 Ώρες
Management Εκπαίδευση Executive Secretary 14 Ώρες
Daily Organization - Time Management 8 Ώρες
Paperless Office 8 Ώρες
Marketing - Sales Sales Organization - Audit - Tools - Best Practices 8 Ώρες
GDPR / IT / Security GDPR & IT Security 14 Ώρες



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