If exploited properly by businesses, the latest developments in warehousing and distribution provide unique opportunities for:
  • Impressive improvement of the Customer Service Level,
  • Reduction of the operating costs,
  • Reduction in stock volume,
  • More efficient use of storage space
  • Fast order processing.
Our company, in collaboration with the American company CATTAN Services Group Inc. an expert in Logistics, provides consulting services in the areas of Inventory Management and Warehousing Organisation and Improvement. In more detail the services we provide in the field of Logistics are:   1. Design, implementation, improvement of Management Systems
  • Inventory Management System
  • Manufacturer Sample and Exhibits Management system
2. Studies, such as:
  •  Design of Warehouse Operating Procedures
  •  Space Design and Equipment Selection
3. Training (in-house) Regarding Inventory Management Systems in particular, the projects we undertake concern an integrated system that includes not only the installation of a software, but also software, operating procedures, operating support and training. The implementation of this System leads to a guaranteed performance of 15% stock reduction (see figure below).   The stages in the implementation of an Inventory Management System are described in the figure below: