ΕRP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated information system for rational management of all business operations and resources.

Our company provides solutions for the creation of an integrated ERP information system. The proposed ERP system organises, standardises, connects and automates the totality of business processes. The implementation and use of this System leads to systematic and effective management of all processes in the following sectors:

  •  Purchasing

  •  Warehousing

  •  Distributions

  •  Sales

  •  Financial Management

  •  Quality Control

  •  Human Resource Management

The proposed System can incorporate a Logistics Information System for optimum Inventory Management and excellent Supply Management.

The expected benefits of the application of this particular System are:

  •  More efficient human resource management, which saves valuable man-hours

  •  Swift update and provision of information on the company’s financial and trade circuit

  •  Rational organisation of the company’s financial cycle

  •  Total reorganisation of the company’s trade circuit

The basic files that the System uses are:

  •  Inventory file

  •  Items file

  •  Customers file

  •  Suppliers file

  •  Machinery file

  •  Inventory turnover file

  •  Personnel file

  •  Branch Offices file

  •  Salesmen file

  •  Tenders file

The technical specifications of the software are:

Programming language: Visual Basic

System’s platform base: SQL Microsoft, or IBM or ORACLE if required

The basic steps our company follows in the Design and Implementation phase of an ERP System are presented in the figure that follows:

MRP II is a module of ERP Systems

Design and Implementation of MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) Systems

MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) is a Production Planning and Control System.

The basic features of the System are:

 Production Planning

 Capacity Planning –available machine-hours and man-hours are checked to determine if it is possible to produce the planned quantities at a given time

 Purchase planning and monitoring (primary and secondary raw material and packaging material)

 Productivity monitoring, i.e., performance control in machine-hours, man-hours and material wasted)

 Fixed assets follow up

 Product costing

 Warehouse operation support, to ensure accurate update

 Information on in-process products, in the various production phases

 Machinery maintenance planning

The implementation of the above mentioned system substantially reduces primary and secondary raw material and packaging material stock and prevents material shortage.

The following files are required for system operation:

 Bill of Materials



 Materials (primary and secondary raw material and packaging material)

 Production instructions


Parallel to the above operation, our company has incorporated a warehousing optimisation plan in MRP II.

The operation of the MRP II System is presented in the following diagram.