Development Law

The recently amended stipulations of investment law 3299/2004 for the provision of incentives in support of private investments, offers certain interesting opportunities briefly mentioned below:

Increase of the subsidy percentage from 55% to 60% of the invested amount depending on the geographic area of the investment

Purchase of productive fixed assets, provided that the production unit has ceased operations and is now being acquired by an independent investor

Purchase of land for investment (only small enterprises are subsidised up to 10% of their total investment budget)

Possibility to subsidise the operating cost of small enterprises, up to 5 years, and up to a total amount of €2,000,000 (subject to joint ministerial decision)

Thanks to its long experience in preparing similar investment proposals, our company is in a position to see your company through the whole procedure, submit proposals to the appropriate authorities, and provide support during the implementation procedure of your investment plan.

Co-financed Programmes

Co-financed programmes are useful development tools, as they provide subsidies for a host of structures and services that contribute to the improvement of the competitive position of firms operating in Greece.

Our company has an extensive network of associates that systematically collect all information available for current and expected co-financed programms, and is in a position not only to provide valid and timely information on financing opportunities, but also assist you in the selection of the investment programme best suited to the needs and specificities of your company.

In addition, AQS offers an integrated support programme covering all aspects of the financing procedure, from the preparation and submission of the investment proposal file through the implementation process and the submission of any final reports required.

Photovoltaic Systems

Investment Law 3299/2004, as recently amended, offers a unique opportunity promoting investment in the sector of renewable sources of energy, through subsidies amounting, in certain cases, up to 60%.

In addition, according to Law 3468/2006, each KWR sent to the PPC (Public Power Corporation) network receives a subsidy of €0.40 to 0.50. The contract for supplying energy has 10-year duration and can be extended for another 10 years, unilaterally, upon written request of the energy producer.

The subsidy is revised annually on the basis of the PPC’s weighted average increases in its prices or 80% of inflation. This arrangement literally ensures investment depreciation of the photovoltaic system, and leaves a handsome balance as profit, in a twenty-year perspective.

Capitalizing on its extensive experience on business plans and feasibility studies for investment co-financing under the Development Law, AQS offers integrated support and will see you through not just the submission process of you investment proposal file, but also through license application procedures for the production, installation and operation of photovoltaic stations.