This pioneering seminar is an invaluable practical aid for the development of the production foremen and the improvement of their quality and efficiency within the company. The seminar, based on the 25 years of experience of our company’s consultants, deals with the usual problems that Production Foremen face:
  • Insufficient knowledge of efficient upwards (Heads), downwards (operators) and horizontal (foremen, Heads of other departments) communication
  • Lack of knowledge of the methodology regarding the resolution of daily  conflicts developed at work and proper guidance-motivation of the workers
  • Lack of knowledge of the tools used for planning, as well as, of the methodology for auditing and monitoring problems of low efficiency, waste of materials, hygiene, safety and tidiness and problems related to the quality of the intermediate and final products
  • Lack of knowledge of the tools used for the efficient collaboration with the persons who supervise (brainstorming, cause and effect diagram)
  • Inability to present problems in a distinct way that reveals the parameters, which could help in their resolution
  • Lack of methodological approach in the resolution of problems and particularly in the analysis of the causes and development of corrective and preventive actions
  • Difficulty in evaluating the efficiency of the operators
  • Unsatisfactory tidiness within the plant
  • Basic lack of elementary rules for the 1st level maintenance

Course Content


  • The Communication Process
  • Conduct – Handling of Work Conflicts
  • The effective operation of Teams


  • Production Planning
  • Basic knowledge of the concept and the utility of the MRP/ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems
  • The importance of files’ accuracy
  • Audit of files’ accuracy
  • Diagnosis of problems (Auditing)
  • Special tools for diagnosing, prioritizing and solving problems
  • Basic knowledge of computer tools in the daily production work used for estimations, diagrams and controls


  • What is a “Process”
  • Measurement of quality and efficiency
  • Planning of improvements
  • Checklist for the reduction of material waste, man-hours and operation hours and the improvement of Quality
  • Checklist for the improvement of cleanness and tidiness of the production area – production area allocation
  • Elementary principles in the study of time – methods for minor improvement proposals
  • Checklist for the reduction of energy consumption
  • Methods for the reduction of Setup time
  • How to write a work directive
  • How to guide an Operator to self-control
  • Management of small projects in Production
  • Analysis of machine break-times
  • Analysis of product defects
  • Prevention of Accidents – 100 Control Points for the hygiene and safety



  • Foremen
  • General Production Foremen (Supervisors)
  • Heads of Foremen dealing with their training


The Seminar aims at the training of production foremen so that they could deal effectively with the problems related to communication, planning, evaluation, management of conflicts, and by improving the quality and the productivity of their work within the company.


Nicholas J. Michaloliakos

Nicholas J. Michaloliakos

Chem. Eng., top manager in large international companies for 20 years, Managing Director of Advanced Quality Services Ltd, a management consulting company specialising in strategy that has participated in more than 300 integrated reengineering projects.
Date: 2017
Venue & Hall: ,
Participation Fee 585 €
Participation Form
Discount analysis:
10% discount for the 2nd participation, and
20% discount for the 3rd and every subsequent.
Participation Fee 585 €
Participation Form
Discount analysis:
10% discount for the 2nd participation, and
20% discount for the 3rd and every subsequent.

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