ISO 9001:2008 standard and the Model of Excellence for the Organization of Public Services or C.A.F. (Common Assessment Framework) that is promoted by the European Union, provide a unique opportunity to reorganize Public Services and Organizations of Local Administration, for the achievement of objectives to the benefit of civilians and the performance improvement of their Services. This seminar promotes the planning methodology of a Quality System. Such system is a real tool for improving the internal structure and achieving the strategic targets of a Public Service or a Public Organization. The seminar is focused on critical points like :
  • Which are the important activities (processes)?
  • How the specific process performance should be measured (indicators)?
  • How could one improve the performance of these processes?
  • In what way these processes are connected with strategic goals of Public Services and Local Administration Organizations?
  • Through which methodology the above are effected, so that the ISO 9001:2008 και C.A.F requirements are satisfied, without adding unnecessary bureaucracy to Public Services? Model C.A.F. refers to evaluating the organization / re-engineering of the Public Sector, through a series of systemic and structured questions that create the base for improving the processes and propagating new ways of thinking and organizing the area of Public Sector and other Services within the European Union. Related questions cover :
  • The way effective leadership is exercised
  • The related Strategy and Planning
  • The Human Resources Management
  • The external cooperation and resources
  • The management of processes and changes AQS has great experience in restructuring Public Services & Local Administration Organizations. Our project in the Municipality of Amarousion, Athens has been selected and presented as a Best Practice project within the context of practice exchange on Organizations of the European Union in year 2000 in Portugal, in 2004 in Rotterdam, and in 2005 in Luxembourg. Our project to restructure the Municipality of Amarousion is a mixture of Systems connected with strategic goals through a most recent Strategic Model, i.e., the Balanced Scorecard System.

Course Content


  • Presentation of Critical Processes
  • Requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 Standard
  • Requirements of the Excellence Model C.A.F.
  • Planning Methodology & Treatment of Diagnostic Problems – Evaluation of Remedial Actions
  • Check lists Development for Evaluating the Departments and Sections
  • Definition of Targets and Indices to measure Performance
  • Planning & Process Development Methodology
  • Process development to manage Requests – Complains by Civilians, as a basic model for the Development of Processes
  • Communication Improvement of Public Organisations – Satisfaction of Civilians
  • Connection of Processes with the Strategic Planning System of Balanced Scorecard
  • Critical Points of success for the Reengineering project. How to avoid common mistakes

    The way to apply the above in action is demonstrated through Case Studies and examples during the seminar.


The seminar is addressed to high ranking managers and heads of Public Administration Services and Organizations of the Local Public Administration that are engaged in the organization and improvement of their services.



For the above standards we analyze in a simple and coherent way :

  • What is exactly the meaning of each module
  • What the Service or the Organization should do in order to satisfy the requirements of the standard
  • What questions an Assessor can pose in order to evaluate the Organization


To clear in a simple way how the organization of Public Administration Services and Organizations of the Local Public Administration can be improved, according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 standard and model C.A.F.

Nicholas J. Michaloliakos

Nicholas J. Michaloliakos

Chem. Eng., top manager in large international companies for 20 years, Managing Director of Advanced Quality Services Ltd, a management consulting company specialising in strategy that has participated in more than 300 integrated reengineering projects.
Date: 2016
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Participation Fee 585 €
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Discount analysis:
10% discount for the 2nd participation, and
20% discount for the 3rd and every subsequent.
Participation Fee 585 €
Participation Form
Discount analysis:
10% discount for the 2nd participation, and
20% discount for the 3rd and every subsequent.

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