This seminar covers the whole planning process step-by-step, monitors the materialization, and measures how effective a Marketing Plan is. In order to consider a certain Marketing Plan successful, there has to be substantial proof that it enhances the perspective of sales and therefore is important to determine indicators of quality and productivity. The seminar is presented in a simple and systematic way, that anyone can understand, even those who have no experience in Marketing Matters. The seminar defines the following:  
  • What exactly should be the content of an efficient Marketing Plan?
  • What information is needed, which sources should be used? Which tools should be used, in order to collect and process this information?
  • With what particular procedures, and what tools can we determine efficiently the Target Group?
  • How can we develop a strategy for products, pricing, position (distribution channel and ways of approaching the customer) by using the new tools “Strategy Map – Balanced Scorecard?
  • Which actions should be planned for materializing the Marketing Plan?
  • How can we measure the efficiency of the Marketing Plan?
  • The methodology of supporting the Administration for the efficient materialization of the Marketing Plan

Course Content



  • The external environment
  • The internal environment
  • The competition/competitors
  • The customer’s need and behavior
  • Check list for analyzing the present situation3. SEGMENTATION OF THE MARKET – SELECTION OF THE TARGET GROUP
  • Segmentation criteria
  • Criteria of Segmenting Consuming Markets
  • Criteria of Segmenting Industrial Markets
  • The Strategic Positioning procedure
  • Assessment and Selection of a certain segment of the market as a Target Group4. PLANNING THE MARKETING STRATEGY & MATERIALIZATION OF THE PLANS4.1. Strategy Directions
  • Focused Marketing Strategy
  • Market growth (new market for existing products)
  • Development of new products in the existing segment of the market
  • Embellishment (new products into new markets)4.2 Strategic Marketing Goals & Materialization Plans
    Strategy and materialization plans regarding:
  • Products – Building the Brand
  • Distribution channels
  • Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Determination of pricing policy
  • Calculating the zero point
  • Promotion of products/services5. MATERIALIZING & CHECKING OF THE MARKETING PLAN
  • Sales predictions
  • Budgeting
  • Thorough design of the Marketing Plan’s materialization plans
  • Deflection from the budget
  • Deflection from the materialization plans
  • Indicators of Quality and Productivity, Strategy Map – Balanced Scorecard
  • Audit Check Lists
  • Implementation and monitoring of the Action Plan


  • Managing Directors
  • General Managers
  • Directors & Executives of Marketing Department
  • Salesmen and Persons in charge of Products and Services Promotion



The seminar’s objective is to familiarize those participating with the Preparation and the Management of an efficient Marketing Plan.

Live Online Training
Date: 2021
Venue & Hall: E-learning,
Participation Fee 500 €
Participation Form
Discount analysis:
10% discount for the 2nd participation, and
20% discount for the 3rd and every subsequent.
Participation Fee 500 €
Participation Form
Discount analysis:
10% discount for the 2nd participation, and
20% discount for the 3rd and every subsequent.

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