This seminar presents the requirements of new standard ISO 9001:2015, so that:  
  • Each section of the ISO standard is analyzed with simplicity and clarity
  • What precisely the standard means using simple examples
  • What should the company do in order to meet the standards requirements
  • Which questions should the auditor make so that he can evaluate the company
  • It serves in a specialized way the needs and the problems of Engineering, Research and Construction Companies regarding matters of design, installation and application of Quality Management Systems
  • It includes and clarifies a company’s requirements regarding the application of Project Quality Programs (PQP) in the public and private projects and their studiesThe absolute practical direction of this seminar is targeted to the simplification which helps the improvement of the organization in such a way that all parties involved can acquire common ways of communication regarding the practice of the following activities :
  • Planning, Materializing, Controlling and Delivery of the Project
  • Preparation of Quality Plan and audits for the Project’s Quality
  • Organization and management of files
  • Protection of electronic files
  • Management of documents and plans, e-mails and correspondence
  • Incorporation and Dissolution of Worksite
  • Management of Materials
  • Management of Mechanical Equipmen

Course Content

1.Introduction to ISO / Presentation of basic requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard

2.Differences between ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015

3.The new Standard and the particularity of the Engineering Company

4.The findings of researches of special procedures, required for Engineering Companies

5.Presentation of Project Quality Projects (PQP)

6.Materializing the Audit. Audit Preparation – Audit Checklist Preparation. Behavior – obligations – required qualifications of auditors. Presentation of Internal Inspection Control Table of ISO 9001: 2015 for the Engineering Company. Monitoring the re-establishment of non-compliance

7.Methodology for improving the Quality System

8.Processing the Case Studies


The seminar’s Objective is to familiarize the participants with:

  • The clarification of the ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • The special procedures that an Engineering company requires
  • The preparation methodology of Audit according to the new standard
  • The technique of monitoring the status of non compliance
  • The technique of evaluating the present situation
  • The methodology of improving the system on the differences between ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015
  • The implementation requirements of the Project Quality P


The seminar is addressed in the following executives:

  • Quality Management Directors, internal auditors of the Quality System
  • Technical Directors, Project Directors, Persons in charge of Worksite, and other executives of engineering companies
  • Advisors for installing the ISO 9001 systems, auditors of the Quality System

George Vavoulas

George Vavoulas

MBA, company consultant with many years of consulting experience in organisation and development systems, and with rich lecturing experience in office organisation issues.
Date: 2018
Venue & Hall: ,
Participation Fee 500 €
Participation Form
Discount analysis:
10% discount for the 2nd participation, and
20% discount for the 3rd and every subsequent.
Participation Fee 500 €
Participation Form
Discount analysis:
10% discount for the 2nd participation, and
20% discount for the 3rd and every subsequent.

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