Believing that a real company organization, above all, means ability to define a vision and planning – execution of objectives, we focus our efforts on the development of human resources and on designing effective processes, in order to satisfy the expectations of our client organizations.

Our main policy concern regarding our customers is to:

  • Provide value added services over and above their expectations
  • Respond to their needs in a speedy and high quality communication
  • Give emphasis to simplicity in order to secure the operability of the services we offer
  • Furnish them with state of the art supporting tools, as we are a company managing knowledge

The main elements of our policy toward our consultant – colleagues is to:

  • Encourage them to continuously enrich their knowledge by taking advantage of the accumulated know-how from a stock of more than 300 projects that AQS has designed and executed
  • Turn them into leaders by functioning through autonomy and initiative, so as to continuously produce innovative ideas – products for our customers

AQS’ steady policy centres in the utter respect to the customer by offering always high quality products and services. The high and steady quality is secured through:

  • A systematic, registered and fully controlled procedure of planning, supervising, executing and delivering to customer new products and organizational projects, throughout all activities of AQS
  • A continuous total quality assessment in all phases of an endeavor, either by posting data or by shaping a final product
  • Continuous training of its personnel

To secure the systematic observance of the above, AQS strictly adheres to their application and their unfailing evolution, providing all resources required.

In abiding by the implementation of its Quality Policy AQS functions under the following principles:

  • Each collaborator is responsible for the quality of his/her work (Self-control)
  • All collaborators are fully aware and apply strictly the Quality Management System of the company
  • The Company provides the necessary means for the attainment of the quality objectives
  • For any important problem that might arise a Corrective & Preventive Action Procedure is activated automatically
  • All critical data ate analyzed and evaluated fully within the context of continuous improvement
  • AQS has appointed a responsible Quality Manager who reports to the Managing Director and within the boundaries of his jurisdiction and functional independence makes sure that the Quality Management System of the Company operates and is kept according to the postulates of ISO 9001:2015 standard; in parallel he has assumed the duties for HRM, as the HRM procedures are placed under the Quality System

Within the limits of this Quality Policy, the Administration designates specific basic Quality objectives aiming at the:

  • Upgrading of services offered to customers
  • Decrease of customer complaints
  • Improvement of customers satisfaction

The quantitative measures of these objectives and the term of their achievement are defined at the beginning of the year and are re-examined during the periodic reviews of the Quality Management System.


For AQS Ltd


Ν. Michaloliakos

Managing Director


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