Artificial Intelligence Applications

AQS as a pioneering Consulting Organization integrates Artificial Intelligence Applications into its Services.

On November 30, 2022, the historical continuum was irrevocably ruptured. That day we had a defining event that would forever change the way we live and work. OpenAI has launched ChatGPT, the most advanced AI Chatbot ever, at no cost to the general public, with 175 billion parameters, the ability to converse with humans in natural language, and knowledge on any topic where there was written published text worldwide by September 2021 (total: 570 Gbytes of data). Humanity for the first time in its history had constructed "something" that had the ability to penetrate areas of intelligence that were considered "human privilege". The world has changed irrevocably.

At the same time, tens of thousands of new Artificial Intelligence Applications came to the fore from thousands of start-ups, performing amazing Functions which until then required almost exclusively human intervention.

AQS, through the Reengineering Projects it implements and having evaluated the existing Tools, integrates Artificial Intelligence Applications into the Businesses, so that they can immediately take off their productivity and improve their quality.

The steps followed are as follows:

  • Identification of Organization Processes
  • Identify Process Aspects where practical AI Applications can be applied to increase productivity and quality
  • Assessment of capabilities and proposal to integrate suitable available Applications
  • Design of new Operating Processes - Definition of Indicators
  • Installation - Configuring Artificial Intelligence Tools
  • Training in new Artificial Intelligence Processes and Tools
  • Implementation of new Artificial Intelligence Processes and Tools
  • Monitoring, Audit and Improvement
  • Measurement of Results
  • Future Artificial Intelligence Technologies Integration Plan